"I believe all levels of government should be limited
fiscally responsible, 
and effective."
Al Bedrosian
Roanoke County Supervisor - Hollins
PO Box 7855
Roanoke, VA  24019
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When I was elected in 2013, I made a commitment to you that I would not waiver from my 
ChristianConservative, & Constitutional worldview as I represented you on the Board of Supervisors.  
I have kept my commitment to you!

When real estate tax rates stay the same, but your home assessment increases, you are paying more taxes. I have fought each year to lower real estate tax rates so that you can keep more of your own money!

I oppose the accepted practice of allowing Board members to vote on their own raises. When the Board voted in 2014 to give ourselves a raise I voted NO and have written a check back to Roanoke County each year for the amount of the raise!

I support budgetary restraints and have voted NO on the $15 million dollar budget increases over the past 4 years. I also support having a plan to eliminate our $200 million plus debt load that includes 8 million dollars of INTEREST only payments each year (this includes Roanoke County government and the Authorities we create that also have debt).  This would force us to be wiser in our spending plus provide tax relief to our citizens.

I am grateful and supportive of the hard work/investment of our small, medium & large businesses, and do not think that local governments should infringe in the free market.

Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 13th!